Chapter 12-Lost Song

Working on a new novel, y’all. Would love your thoughts and feedback. Honesty would be very much appreciated-not nastiness, obviously, but honesty.

barely here nor there

Hi All,

Below is a work in progress. I’m not sure I even like it. I would love your feedback on style and content. Is the dialogue a bit rubbish. 1st person present tense-does it work? It’s been a while since I shared any kind of new fiction with you all, I’m a little nervous.

Chapter 12-

We stay on the first floor now, the ground floor has tenants but we can see the courtyard where the maid washes the metal vessels squatting on her haunches at the tap.

I remember the maid who was there when I was child. She was a Nepali woman who had her baby tied to her back with a cloth and a little girl who would come with her to work.

The woman had grey eyes and when I think of her face it’s confused with the National Geographic Afghani woman. She would look…

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I'm an ordinary person with an idea in my head which won't go away. There's a little voice in my mind which says, "you are are a writer, now write!" And so I must. Welcome to my worlds.

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