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barely here nor there

Suva padded quietly, barefoot to the old woman’s door. Kajol was on the bed, pressing a saturated handkerchief to a shrivelled brow. Low moans emanated from the old woman and Suva knew at once her grandmother must have been very unwell. She had never seen her like this. Her grandmother would never admit weakness, if she could help it.

Suva turned away, but heard her name called, croaked hoarsely from her grandmother’s room. She went back and this time entered the room fully.

It felt like walking into another realm. Although the lights were on, it was still dim. Pinkish tones from the red lampshades and yellow light bulbs cast shadows as if they were in a cave in the underbelly of the earth. Perhaps they were in the belly of a whale. Suva’s mind wandered for some time until she noticed the smell of mothballs. She had never been…

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I'm a writer. I've just discovered that. It's taken a good part of my life to work out that this is what I want to do and now I must keep doing it. I'm lucky that my lifestyle now permits me to follow my dream, relatively unhindered, but now, there's no going back. Welcome to my worlds. View all posts by BarelyHereNorThere

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